Event Scheduling, Attendee Management, & Volunteer Tracking Systems

Event Management Software Systems

Our event management software systems provide an incredible array of features designed to help you manage virtually every aspect of your training, speaking or seminar business. Click the headings below to view many of our systems.

These applications represent an interface between your administration of events and the actual events themselves. Use these scripts to predict how many people will attend, what kind of sales you can expect to make when offering your back end courses, and what the total revenue is likely to be. Print name tags, produce registration rosters, and create special attention lists for attendees. When used effectively, these systems will help you make informed decisions, save money in administrative costs, and generate higher turn out rates of well prepared attendees.

For example, the Final Confirmation Email Automation System allows you to send an email containing all the relevant details your attendees need to know in order to show up well prepared. Not only can the sending of this email be done automatically, a report will tell you exactly how many people have received it so you can concentrate your administrative efforts on contacting those who have not.


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Event Creation & Management Tools - Systems to Decrease Costs
Create course or training "types" in the Product Database and then schedule an unlimited number of dates for each event type. You can then manage your events individually with an array of tools and reports.
  • schedule events in the system and choose venues, locations, room capacities, start and end dates, and whether or not waiting lists are available
  • use default event presets to simplify and speed up event scheduling and creation
  • use the "Vague Date" value to communicate general time or season of upcoming events until specific event dates are nailed down for instance, show "Summer 2012" on event calendars until the venue contract has been signed
  • use event import tools to import all your past events or to quickly import your entire schedule of upcoming events from a spreadsheet
  • use our special 'at event' registration tools to "check in" attendees as they arrive to produce definitive "in attendance" lists
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Attendee Registration Reports - Systems to Increase Sales & Systems to Decrease Costs
There are many different types of attendee related reports that you can use to ensure your business is managed efficiently. Get reports of past "Graduates" and get upcoming event reports with expected revenue. Generate attendee registration reports for producing name tags, confirming payment and projecting 'at event' sales.
  • use event attendee "states" to track registrant enrollment from initial registration, to confirmation of status and finally to graduated status upon course completion
  • pull reports of all upcoming events showing capacity, number of attendees, and estimated turn outs based on no-show estimates
  • for those with the appropriate security role, attendance reports can even show amounts of money collected for upcoming courses, amounts still due, and percentage of total attendees who have paid in full
  • get reports in HTML or on spreadsheets of attendees for any or all of your courses, whether past or future, based on state or time period.
  • pull lists of all attendees scheduled for the future or pull lists of graduates from all courses
  • export your lists to further refine them or to find people from specific cities, states or countries, and then re-import your refined lists for broadcast emailing or other business functions
  • following your events, use attendee registration reports to perform mass state changes converting those who attended to "graduated," and those who didn't attend to "no show" so that permanent records are kept and so that financial accounting logic ensures revenue is properly tracked
  • use our "Reg List" report prior to your event to collect all relevant attendee information in a single place for the purpose of event planning, accounting, name tag generating, and at-event sales forecasting
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Attendee Final Confirmation Email Automation - Systems to Decrease Costs
If your organization uses some kind of "final confirmation" email for attendees that summarizes pertinent details of an event to ensure they arrive on time and are properly prepared, you will love this system! It not only helps automate the sending of this email, but will tell you which of your attendees have actually received the final confirmation and which have not. Properly implemented, this system will guarantee higher turnout rates, better-informed attendees and significantly reduced administrative costs.
  • "attach" a different final confirmation email for each of your events, or reuse a similar email for the same event types while utilizing email merge tags to automatically insert event-specific details into the outgoing emails
  • use the Automated Event Email "Drip" System in combination with this system to produce the best results with the least administrative effort
  • save valuable time and money by concentrating your phone contact efforts only on those customers who have not yet received the final confirmation email
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Post-Event Sales Reports - Systems to Increase Sales & Systems to Decrease Costs
Once all your at-event sales have been data-entered, and at any time in the future, you can pull up event sales reports that will break down the amounts of money collected, amounts still outstanding, and a summary of all the products and courses and offers purchased by your customers at a specific live event.
  • generate sales reports for individual events or for all sales during a given period of time
  • use order form "source" to generate reports for a given period of time for Internet or Phone sales
  • reports breakdown sales by offers sold, individual items sold, and the money collected and amounts still outstanding
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Attendee Notes, Transfers & Status Tracking - Systems to Decrease Costs
Every registrant in our system is tracked with an "Attendance Record" that permanently stores all relevant information enabling you to perform forensic investigations of your attendees in case of payment or registrant controversies. Further, use attendee states, such as "Tentative" to more effectively communicate about registrants throughout your organization.
  • use "Active" and "Active-Confirmed" states to determine which attendees have received your "final confirmation email" and which have not
  • apply "Graduated" or "No Show" states following events to permanently track those who completed your courses and those who did not while ensuring all the financial tracking of revenue is performed
  • transfer attendance records from one scheduled event date to another with a simple form submission and record transfer reason in a permanent history
  • use the attendee notes to ensure your at-event staff are informed about relevant issues for any of your attendees
  • reassign attendance records to different people with a simple form submission
  • use our "Course Credit" feature to keep track of people who can't actually be registered for a specific event date, but still have the right to take some future upcoming event
  • review complete attendee history including details about when changes occurred, which changes occurred, and which administrator performed the change
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Volunteer Management Tools - Systems to Decrease Costs
If your organization uses volunteers to help staff live events, you can use our Volunteer Attendee States to keep permanent records of your volunteers while also simplifying the organization of and communication to this special group of people prior to and after your events.
  • track volunteers using the same system for tracking attendees so that all reports, lists, and attendee support systems can be used to find and manage volunteers
  • four Volunteer Attendee "Statuses" allow you to manage those volunteering for upcoming events, those who volunteered at past events and those who cancelled or no-showed
  • pull reports of past volunteers from specific event types and use No Show and Cancelled states to filter for your best performers
  • if your volunteers pay for partial tuition, meals and/or accommodations at your events, all revenue and sales are managed as they would be for any attendee
  • use the attendee notes field to record post-event performance ratings for later use when gathering lists of volunteers for future events

Event Scheduling, Attendee Management, & Volunteer Tracking Systems Summary

Our software was designed to make event scheduling fast and easy. Not only can events be created in our system quickly, but if your organization hold many events each year that you schedule during regular planning sessions, you can actually import your list of upcoming events directly into our system from a spreadsheet. Some of our customers run more than 100 events annually, and the ability to schedule events efficiently is important. Attendee management is also an essential activity of our existing clients, so we have many tools to help you manage your registration records for attendees who for various reasons may have to cancel, transfer, or postpone their scheduled attendance records. And if your organization is the in the enviable position of attracting people willing to support your events for free, we have features for managing your Volunteers so that you can see who's volunteering, who has volunteered in the past, and even those volunteers who failed to show up so you can ensure your events are supported by reliable people and reap the incredible benefits of staffing your events for free.