Event Management CRM Systems

Event Management Software Systems

Our event management software systems provide an incredible array of features designed to help you manage virtually every aspect of your training, speaking or seminar business. Click the headings below to view many of our systems.

Our Event Management CRM systems will help you provide better customer service, up-sell products more effectively, make call centers more efficient, and permanently track customer communications. Search for, create new, and modify the records of your prospects, customers and leads. You can then easily access all the critical information about their relationship to you, such as their full purchase and payment history, their attendance history and list of upcoming courses, plus the history of conversations and issues you have recorded about them. By having your entire event management admin systems and your CRM in a single software package, you'll save administrative costs and increase sales.

For instance, the Customer Communications History & Issue Tracking tools, called the 1-Call System, can be used to track incoming customer issues from start to finish, but can also be used to schedule follow up calls for your sales team.


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Customer Contact Information Database - Systems to Decrease Costs
Use our "people" pages to track everything from basic contact information and demographics to complete purchase, attendance, and payment histories.
  • create, import or signup an unlimited number of people in your contact information database
  • tag records in your database as duplicates of the same actual person
  • manage email subscription status and use our Unsubscribe and Email Bounced status notices to ensure the highest communication standards with your customers
  • review email sent history for any emails sent from your installation and resend emails with a single click
  • assign special "Roles" as appropriate to your staff to provide or remove access to the various administrative scripts, reports and systems
  • customer specific report pages for each customer will show you what a customer has ordered, what you've shipped to them, and what payments they've made toward which orders
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Customer Communications History & Issue Tracking - Systems to Decrease Costs
Use our "1-Call" system to ensure every customer communication is logged and all issues are tracked, starting with the person who takes the customer call to the final person who resolves the issue and reports back to your patrons. (The client issue tracking system is called the "1-Call" system because it's creation was intended to ensure customers only need to place "one call" to have any issue resolved.)
  • create permanent communications history records for any issues you want to keep track of for any customer in your database
  • create an unlimited number of 1-Calls for each customer... ...every 1-Call functions like a conversation "thread" which can be updated or added to at any point
  • each 1-Call has both an "Owner" and "Assignee" so that all customer issues can be delegated to appropriate administrators while an Owner remains accountable to the customer
  • "Active" and "Resolved" states in combination with the "Must Resolve By Dates" automatically generates a To Do List on the "My 1-Calls" page for each of your administrators
  • send email directly from the 1-Call system and retain a record of what was written, by whom and on what date. A 1-Call "Email Merge Tag" allows a reference number to be included in the email to customers to help orient your phone staff to the specific issue quickly
  • notification of 1-Calls appear strategically on various administrative pages so your staff can be made aware of issues for customers at the moment the information is most relevant
  • the 1-Call system is tied into the Accounts Receivable System so that all contact with a customer regarding money owed is permanently logged
  • the "My 1-Calls" page provides a full view of each administrator's currently active 1-Calls, providing a manager with an overview so they can intercede as needed
  • 1-Call breakdown report shows the number of issues each administrator currently has allowing for better distribution of issues in the event of bottlenecks, staff illness, or staff turn-over
  • use 1-Call system as an intra-office delegation tool. For instance, a marketing manager can create 1-Calls for other staff to perform sales calls and can schedule the action so it will show up as a priority as the deadline approaches.
  • import past call-logs or any other form of text based data you need to migrate from your existing database in order to preserve "conversations" you've had with your customers in the past
  • use the import 1-Calls tool to create a mass of 1-Calls for any purpose such as delegating sales calls or recording significant notes for a specific group of people
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Order Form Management System - Systems to Decrease Costs
Create and modify your customers' order forms and take real-time credit card gateway payments, record scheduled credit card payments, take cash, and process check payments. Keep complete and permanent purchase histories for all your customers so you can serve your customers more effectively and up-sell more successfully when making new offers to them.
  • create unlimited order forms for a customer in any currency and with state, provincial and federal taxes as appropriate
  • see all orders for a customer at a glance
  • when creating order forms to record sales that took place at specific live events, the system will automatically choose the correct currency and taxes from the related "Venue," reducing time and eliminating administrative errors
  • use the Order Form "Duplicator" to significantly reduce order form data entry times
  • "Order Form Payment States" tell you at a glance whether money is due, whether the order has scheduled payments, and if all payments are up to date, or whether the order is paid in full
  • your administrators can process real-time credit card payments once your merchant accounts and payment gateway are enabled
  • live payment gateway refunds can also be performed as needed with the click of a button
  • if you accept payment plans from your customers, you can record scheduled credit card or scheduled check payments to properly account for your orders
  • when scheduled payments are used on orders, our system uses "intelligent money allocation" logic to ensure the money collected is associated with goods and services already provided, before allocating for any events taking place in the future
  • create order form related communication tracking so that customer care issues for a specific order can be permanently referenced
  • order tracking for each individual "Sold Item" (anything you sell for money using an order form) ensures complete forensic accountability for all deferred and earned revenue
  • if your organization offers gift certificates as part of your marketing and sales strategy, you can apply your gift certificates to orders like payments
  • our order form handling system is extremely powerful and allows you to make changes at any point after order creation while retaining permanent record of all changes: this flexibility is essential for event management companies selling services being delivered in the future since so much can change for your customers between the time they place an order and the time they take an event
  • full payment history is displayed on each order form page, which also includes failed credit card payment records
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Customer Attendance Tracking - Systems to Increase Sales & Systems to Decrease Costs
Associated with each customer contact information page is a report dedicated to the customer's attendance history where your administrators can see at a glance all past, course credited, and upcoming attendance records.
  • sections for past and upcoming attendance records are displayed separately
  • if your organization will allow "Course Credit" attendance records, these will be displayed on this page along with a link so that you can schedule the credit for a specific event date
  • attendance record history is summarized to show relevant information such as which event the record relates to, what system Offer it relates to and what the Attendee Status is so you can quickly determine if further administrative action is required
  • send several kinds of attendee specific emails directly from Attendance page with a single click
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Customer Critical Alert Notification - Systems to Decrease Costs
Some types of information about a customer will be true for that customer always, and needs to be communicated to the staff who actually manage the live events. For instance, if a customer has a medical condition, such as a wheelchair, you can record this in the Critical Alert form to ensure your customers' needs are known throughout your organization.
  • critical alert information can be stored for each customer
  • when a critical alert exists, the contact information page will display an alert for administrators who may be dealing with the customer at that moment allowing them to determine if the information is relevant to their current administrative action
  • critical alert information appears on the "Reg Lists" for at-event staff
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List Creation & Management Tools - Systems to Decrease Costs
Easily generate and manipulate "Lists" of people in your system for a variety of business purposes, such as call-back lists, graduates lists, and broadcast email lists, etc.
  • create or modify existing lists easily from many of the report pages using a simple and ubiquitous list manipulation tool
  • send email using the broadcast system to all the people with active email addresses on a list
  • create lists for use with the signup form system so that anyone completing a specific signup form will be automatically added to that list, i.e. a monthly newsletter list
  • export lists of people in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format for generating name tags, mailing labels, or for any kind of mail merge action
  • lists can be owned or shared by your administrators so that a group of people can contribute to or modify a list, or a list can be made private by taking ownership as needed by your business procedures
  • autoresponder sequences can be attached to lists so that anyone added to the list will begin automatically getting the sequence of automated emails
  • use expiry dates with lists when generating lists for temporary purposes to ensure your list system does not become cluttered and unmanageable
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Data Migration & Import Tools - Systems to Decrease Costs
If you already have a great deal of customer and event related information in your present database, use our import data scripts to migrate data into your Signup Systems database quickly using simple spreadsheets. Further, these same data import tools can be used to creatively eliminate costs arising from slower data entry efforts.
  • import customer contact information, events records, past attendance records, and even "call-log" or other text records into our issue tracking system
  • spreadsheet templates provided for easy importation
  • import history records indicates the percentage of imports performed successfully and an export report provides details of import failures so further imports can be performed with greater success
  • contact information import can either update or ignore existing records allowing migration to take place over an extended period if necessary
  • import tools can be used to migrate existing data from your current system or can be used to create new records quickly rather than using less efficient data entry processes
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Event Management CRM Systems Summary

Event Management CRM has very unique requirements compared to standard Customer Relationship Management software. Since so much of event CRM relates to attendees, the solution you choose needs to ensure that all relevant communications with a customer is related to that customer's attendance and event registration history. Beside the obvious needs, when talking with your customers, to know which specific program their issue relates to, your ability to up-sell them into additional seminars, trainings, or workshops depends on being able to see every course they've attended in the past, their entire purchase history, and any relevant past issues which might influence their purchasing decision. Because Signup Systems was built with event management CRM needs in mind, all of this information is always available to your administrators and sales people within one or two clicks for every customer.