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Event Management Software Systems

Our event management software systems provide an incredible array of features designed to help you manage virtually every aspect of your training, speaking or seminar business. Click the headings below to view many of our systems.

At Signup Systems we believe the success of event management companies starts with excellent event marketing. No one profits if you create the best training programs and courses but nobody attends because you've been unable to put "butts in chairs," because no one has heard about the programs. As a result of the importance we place on marketing, we have created many systems designed specifically to help your marketing communications, marketing research, and marketing decision-making (If you haven't already, you really should read our free report that contains insider secrets to marketing and sales strategies specific to the event management industry).

For example, using Marketing Campaign Tracking & Sales Statistics you can target a number of different landing pages with signup forms or shopping cart offers and quickly discover which headlines, what marketing copy, and which offers are the most compelling and generate the most sales.


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Automated Event Email "Drip" System - Systems to Increase Sales & Systems to Decrease Costs
Automate the vast majority of your pre-event email communications to attendees using a system that functions like an autoresponder sequence but counts down to the event start date. Increase customer retention, reduce no-show rates, and ensure your customers are well informed about their upcoming events—all automatically!
  • create email sequences for each different course type which automatically gets applied to new events you schedule
  • schedule emails on specific days leading up to the event start date, to automatically remind attendees about their upcoming course
  • automatically send emails to pre-sell and up-sell additional courses and products
  • send "keep 'em hot" emails to remind registrants of the benefits of your programs when they are booked long in advance of attending
  • use "confirmation" system with Event Email Drips to ensure your attendees get your final event information email—and know exactly which registrants have received the emails so you can concentrate administrative efforts on those who have not received the information
  • use email merge tags to automatically insert specific event information
  • full reporting of emails sent and those scheduled to be sent for all events, or on an event-by-event basis
  • schedule post-event emails to automate "follow up" communications for graduates
  • use Event Email system to broadcast to attendees by "Attendee State" such as "Guest," "Volunteering" and "Waiting List"
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Opt-In & User Account Signup Forms - Systems to Increase Sales & Systems to Decrease Costs
Capture your potential customers' contact information on your public website so you can develop relationships with them over time until they are ready to purchase from you.
  • create verified (double) opt-in signup forms requesting as little as first name and email address only or requesting as much as all standard contact information plus gender and birth date
  • you have complete control over all signup form landing pages and verification request emails
  • create user account signup forms so your customers can later log into various Signup Systems services without having to retype their contact information
  • you have complete control over display and graphics so forms can fully integrate with your website design
  • easily embed signup forms on any web page using special codes or full HTML, both of which are provided for you to copy and paste
  • use signup forms to trigger autoresponders that automatically send your customers emails
  • signup form statistics are tracked so you can enhance your marketing communications
  • signup form links provided for you to email to your existing database, or for you to provide to advertisers or joint ventures
  • signup forms allow marketing campaign tracking so new signups can be permanently associated with a marketing effort
  • referral program link tracking to ensure your referrals are associated with the customers they send to you that sign up
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Autoresponder Email Sequences - Systems to Increase Sales & Systems to Decrease Costs
Automatically send sequences of marketing emails you create in advance to anyone filling out a signup form so that you can automatically educate and inform your customers about your services and products until they are ready to purchase.
  • create reusable HTML and/or text emails with email merge fields to populate live contact information upon sending
  • build an unlimited number of sequential autoresponders using an unlimited number of emails up to 999 days into the future
  • assign autoresponder sequences to lists and then populate those lists using signup forms
  • use admin list tools to send a group of people a sequence all starting on the same day
  • modify live autoresponders on the fly and only cause new sequence emails to be sent to appropriate subscribers
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Email Broadcast System - Systems to Decrease Costs
Generate lists of people in your database, such as lists of graduates, of people from a specific city, or of only male subscribers, etc. and then broadcast an email to them for administrative or marketing purposes.
  • schedule broadcasts to take place at any time in the future, even months or a years in advance
  • security roles ensure only authorized staff can perform broadcasting functions
  • use broadcast approval system to ensure emails go to correct lists, are proof read and link tested before sending to your database
  • broadcast history report indicates which emails have been sent and to how many people
  • your emails are sent from a dedicated email server ensuring highest possible delivery rates and reliability
  • hourly broadcast report emailed automatically to designated communications staff
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Marketing Campaign Tracking & Sales Statistics - Systems to Increase Sales & Systems to Decrease Costs
Track customer acquisition and sales for your marketing campaigns using click-through statistics and conversion rates to refine and improve your ROI from advertising or joint ventures.
  • create marketing campaigns with multiple parts so advertising campaigns across several media can be tracked independently and collectively as part of an overall campaign
  • test multiple landing pages to determine most effective conversion and sales rates before expanding scale of campaign
  • use automatically generated campaign links to track clickthrough rates both for inbound or outbound marketing efforts or joint ventures
  • when combined with signup forms, campaign tracking is performed automatically as new people signup or make purchases
  • combine both campaign and referral tracking to allow your referral program members to contribute within the context of a special marketing campaign
  • associate individual campaign parts with joint venture partners, then broadcast promotional emails directly from campaign system
  • use up-to-the-minute sales statistics for each campaign with clickthrough and lead conversion rates to refine or expand successful marketing efforts
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Referral Link Tracking - Systems to Increase Sales & Systems to Decrease Costs
Empower your customers and strategic partners with referral links that tell you who referred customers into your database, and optionally, which marketing campaign they belong to.
  • public website support for sign ups into your referral program including creation of unique referral phrases and referral program agreement acceptance
  • use the broadcast email system and email merge tags to send referral tracking links to anyone in your database that is willing to refer new customers to you
  • pull reports on number of referrals, referral sales, and numbers of attendance records generated by customers referred into your database
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CAN-SPAM Compliant Unsubscribe System - Systems to Decrease Costs
Use our built-in "Unsubscribe" page to ensure your customers can remove themselves from your email communications if they choose, providing you with instant compliance with CAN-SPAM Unsubscribe laws.
  • use our default email footers to ensure a link to your unsubscribe page is displayed on every email sent from Signup Systems
  • three levels of unsubscribe to allow your customers to remove themselves from autoresponder lists, only accept critical emails, or completely unsubscribe themselves from your system
  • unsubscribe status displayed on primary customer contact page so your organization can avoid contacting customer by phone or other means while still maintaining record of them in your database

Event Marketing, Attendee Communications & Signup Form Systems Summary

Your programs deserve to be full but without an effective event marketing strategy, you can have the best programs in the world and still not be profitable. Because of the importance of marketing in the speaking, training, and seminar business, we have many marketing support systems from signup forms for lead generation, to event email systems which you can use to ensure your attendees are well informed and show up at your events giving you additional selling opportunities. We put so much emphasis on event marketing, that every contact record in our system has both a referring contact ID to allow you to track referrals, but also has a marketing campaign ID so you can gather event marketing research statistics and can cut your losses when marketing into your seminars with costly or ineffective strategies or best leverage your successful efforts.