Event Products, Attendee Offers, & Membership Management Systems

Event Management Software Systems

Our event management software systems provide an incredible array of features designed to help you manage virtually every aspect of your training, speaking or seminar business. Click the headings below to view many of our systems.

Anything that generates revenue for you, whether a course, a book, coaching, monthly memberships, or even a cancellation fee can be represented in our Products Database and you can create an unlimited number of goods, services and fees. Once your products are created, use the Offer System to package them together in powerful and compelling ways to increase sales and set your company apart from your competition.

For example, you might create an offer, which includes tuition for four of your courses for the price of three and includes free books, CDs or DVDs as further enticement to purchase. Then when a customer purchases the first offer, you can up-sell a second offer, which includes tuition for a family member or guest at further discounts. Here's the secret for creating compelling offers: when the price of an offer is obviously and greatly exceeded by the value of the items in the offer, it becomes extremely difficult not to purchase, especially when the buyer was already seriously considering purchasing one or more of the included items at regular price.


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Unlimited "Products" Database - Systems to Increase Sales
Naturally, our database allows you to track and sell "products" called events, but it can also be used to track and sell physical products such as books, CDs and DVDs. You can even create items in your database to collect service charges, such as course transfer fees or meals and accommodations surcharges.
  • create an unlimited number of "products" in your database representing your goods, services and fees
  • each "product" is identified with a unique ID number referred to as a "Stock Keeping Unit" or SKU which can have its own unique name, description, pricing structure, tax exemption status, and shipping rates
  • create SKUs as one of three general types: events, memberships or products (products can be used for all physical goods or non-event services or fees)
  • store an HTML description with each SKU for use with your public shopping cart
  • create categories to further define your SKU types for administrative and marketing purposes, for instance, you can create event categories to indicate whether your events are "workshops," "camps," "seminars," or "intros"
  • establish category level, or individual SKU level tax exemptions as needed
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Membership Management Tools - Systems to Increase Sales & Systems to Decrease Costs
If you presently offer or are considering offering monthly memberships, we have systems to support some models of membership programs, which are an excellent way to generate ongoing monthly or annual revenues.
  • create memberships automatically upon graduation from your courses
  • sell memberships and create scheduled payments to generate monthly income
  • use members' only private web pages tied into membership payment status to grant or restrict access
  • send emails automatically from the membership system each month as part of your program
  • create membership programs which charge a single flat fee, monthly fees, quarterly or yearly fees
  • membership status shows up on your Reg Lists so that members of your programs will be known to you when attending live events so you can provide VIP services or better predict membership sales
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Offer Creation & Management System - Systems to Increase Sales & Systems to Decrease Costs
Our "Offer" system allows you to group one or more of the goods and services you sell into a special package, which you can then sell at a single price. Companies using offer packaging strategies invariably outsell their competition whose appeal to the public often appears one-dimensional. With our offer system you can create incredibly compelling packages to appeal to customers who want to get the most from their money and don't mind spending more than they set out to, so long as they can see they are getting outstanding value.

One of the most successful trainers in the world and a New York Times best selling author once confided: "People don't buy products, they buy packages." (Get the free report to find the who said this.)

  • create offers that can include several product SKUs together for a single package price
  • create offers which contain both courses and products and establish internal pricing for each item in your offer while only showing your customer the single package offer price
  • create offers which allow customers to choose between two OR more items in the offer, for example, an offer could contain Item 1 & Item 2, AND a choice of either Item 3 OR Item 4
  • combining "AND/OR" options in offers allows you incredible packaging control to increase the appeal of your offers, while simultaneously reducing the administrative costs of managing such complex packaging structures
  • store HTML with each offer for selling on your public website
  • set passwords for your offers so they can be sold using coupons or gift certificates
  • use offer expiry dates so that "take-away" marketing techniques can be used to increase urgency and sales
  • use special designations called offer "types" and "features" to create on-the-fly purchasing benefits for customers such as "premium seating" at your events, or "meals included" to increase sales
  • identify offers with the specific events where you presented them for tracking and administrative purposes
  • attach lists to offers so that anyone purchasing the offer will be added to the list and if it is associated with an autoresponder, the customer will begin getting the sequence of emails
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Product & Offer Enabled Shopping Cart - Systems to Increase Sales & Systems to Decrease Costs
While the majority of your sales may take place at your live events and then be data-entered by an administrator afterwards, Signup Systems also comes enabled with a fully functional shopping cart and payment processing system so you can sell all of your events, products and offers on the Internet.
  • enable "shopping carts" for any domain name you own and wish to sell from while still populating a single database
  • use your event calendars to sell seats directly into specific events online
  • allow customers to add "course credits" SKUs to their shopping carts and then schedule themselves into specific events upon checkout
  • sell elaborate offers online that can include several different course types, physical products, and "either/or" choices, and upon checkout the customer will breakout the offers using a simple "checkout wizard"
  • international companies can actually use multiple different payment gateways to collect payments in different currencies all within a single Signup Systems installation and all populating a single unified database
  • use a single line of code to place events, products and offers onto your web pages giving you complete control over the structure and layout of your online catalog
  • use "Add-Ons" so that if one item is purchased using the shopping cart, a second item is presented as a "must" purchase, for instance, purchasing a seat at one of your events could trigger an Add-On requiring the customer to also pay for meals and accommodations
  • use "Up Sells" as a way to make purchasing recommendations to a customer when an item they add to their cart triggers the system to up-sell another item or offer of your choice
  • built in logic allows you to offer a course for free while also requesting a credit card as part of an agreement that could require the customer to actually attend the free event or pay a "No Show Agreement" penalty
  • as long as your at-event "back end sales" are sufficiently high enough, offering your introductory programs for free but with a No Show Agreement can be an incredible tool for filling your rooms and increasing your sales volumes dramatically!
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Product & Offer Sales Reports - Systems to Increase Sales
There are a number of reports that can be run for finding sales of products and offers that you can use to refine or expand your marketing.
  • pull reports to summarize the number of orders and total sales from individual or groups of SKUs
  • pull reports on the sales of specific offers or groups of offers
  • limit reports to specific periods of time, order form payment states and/or order form sources
  • export reports for further analysis in spreadsheet format
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Product Sales Shipping Tools - Systems to Decrease Costs
You may have already discovered the benefits of recording your live events and providing those in CD and DVD packages both as free add-ons or for sale in offers designed to increase event sales. If your organization sells any kind of shippable goods, Signup Systems can manage this for you. Regardless of where your sales of physical products take place, at live events or on the Internet, if you need to ship them to your customers, you will find our product sales shipping tools to be both simple and efficient.
  • use the shipping report page to find all order forms containing items "To Be Shipped"
  • the shipping report is sorted by order form age so the oldest orders are given priority for shipping
  • automatically send emails to your customers with shipping tracking number and shipping company website address to reduce customer service calls
  • "premium shipping" logic exists which you can use at your discretion to allow some orders to be prioritized in the shipping cue
  • ability to mark products as "On Backorder" for later shipping
  • details of which items are shipped, when, tracking number, and with which shipping company are all recorded permanently to support customer enquiries

Event Products, Attendee Offers, & Membership Management Systems Summary

If you looked at the product databases of some of our customers you might not even think they were event management companies because many of them sell so many physical goods they could be mistaken for standard e-commerce companies. We recognized early during the development of our systems that while event products such as courses, workshops, and seminars are the back-bones of our industry, the additional goods sold to customers such as recordings of live programs and support materials such as coaching or ongoing memberships are the "add-ons" which turn modest profits into HUGE profits. Just because you're an event management company we see no reason to limit the goods and services you sell to your customers, and our system is fully enabled to let you sell practically anything you want in addition to your programs whether ongoing monthly membership programs or t-shirts with your company's logo.

But we've gone a step further than anyone in our industry with our Offer System! It allows you to group your event products and non-event products into powerful and compelling packages so you can make offers your attendees won't be able to resist, all while being easily created, managed and tracked in our software so you can see which offers are generating the most revenue!