Event Sales, Event Calendars & Attendee Registration Systems

Event Management Software Systems

Our event management software systems provide an incredible array of features designed to help you manage virtually every aspect of your training, speaking or seminar business. Click the headings below to view many of our systems.

The biggest mistake training companies make when choosing software to run their business is believing that standard e-commerce software used by companies that sell physical products online can somehow be modified or massaged into software suitable for event sales and attendee registration. Only software designed from the ground up with specific event management needs in mind will truly support your growing business or capture your current business accurately. Signup Systems was initially created to manage one of the largest personal development companies in the North America and has been used since 2003 to capture registrations and manage event-based sales for hundreds of thousand of attendees around the world. The systems below were all built with your needs in mind.

For example, our Event Calendar system allows you to display upcoming events dynamically indicating whether or not the events are sold out and how many seats remain. Your event calendars can also provide a link for attendees to register if appropriate. But because we know that you may want to fill up events happening next month before selling into events for next year, you can create calendars that only allow signups into specific upcoming events even while showing event dates well into the future.


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Event Calendars - Systems to Increase Sales & Systems to Decrease Costs
Our Event Calendaring system is extremely powerful and provides you complete control over visual and graphic layout. Calendars are created in the database to show upcoming scheduled events and can be filtered by event type, by groups of event types, by location, and even by country and state/province.
  • take registrations online directly into specific events
  • display distant future events but restricting registrations to them while seats remain in earlier scheduled courses
  • display the number of seats remaining to establish urgency for nearly sold out events
  • provide web map links for your venues and hotel and booking info for each event to minimize support calls from registrants
  • automatically embed event calendars in your emails using simple email merge tags
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Database Supported Course & Product Catalogs - Systems to Increase Sales & Systems to Decrease Costs
Store your event and product descriptions in the database so they can easily be displayed throughout your website using a single link or as part of your shopping cart catalog.
  • sell course credits which customers can schedule into specific event dates during checkout
  • use single links in emails or anywhere on your website to sell seats for specific events
  • updating database course and product descriptions automatically updates existing catalog pages
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Multi-Currency, Multi-Domain Shopping Cart - Systems to Increase Sales
Use the shopping cart system to sell your courses and products in any currency you accept
  • use different domain names to sell in different currencies, i.e. www.yourcompany.com and www.yourcompany.ca for US & Canadian dollar shopping carts.
  • use shopping cart tax handling to ensure compliance with appropriate tax laws
  • use different domains to sell your courses with all data centralized in your Signup Systems database
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Password Protected Special Offers - Systems to Increase Sales
Sell your courses in packages or sell single courses at discount pricing using the Offer System, while also using passwords and/or expiry dates so that only those with the proper "code" can buy them.
  • use passwords and expiry dates to provide special pricing or offers for select groups
  • use with printed coupons or gift certificates only available to customers with "unlock code"
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Attendee Registration Support Pages - Systems to Decrease Costs
Use our "Registration Options" page where attendees are able to perform a number of actions that they might otherwise need to contact your company directly to perform, which then will reduces the costs associated with administering your events.
  • allow attendees holding multiple seats on behalf of family and friends to reassign those seats to their guests so your office staff won't have to perform this action manually
  • allow attendees to issue or reissue your event specific "final confirmation email" so they can arrive on time and be better prepared for your events
  • allow attendees, when appropriate, to transfer their registration to later event dates
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Attendance Reports by Email - Systems to Decrease Costs
When used to inform your marketing efforts, these attendance reports can help you focus on increasing enrollment for events which are under-performing and properly plan staffing, event support and costs for your live events based on current registrations.
  • receive twice per day automated attendance reports by email
  • reports sent to private list of recipients established by your organization
  • use special estimating logic to convert actual attendance numbers into likely turn-out rates factoring in no-show probabilities
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Graduates-Only Web Pages - Systems to Increase Sales & Systems to Decrease Costs
Create special sections of your website only accessible by graduates of a course so that you can provide opportunity and reasons for customers to return to your website repeatedly which will increase customer loyalty and provide new opportunities to up-sell.
  • create graduate website sections for each of your different courses
  • username and password protected graduate pages ensure that only graduates can access private materials
  • use nested graduate pages for progressive course levels

Event Sales, Event Calendars & Attendee Registration Systems Summary

While most of our competitors provide online attendee registration and event registration solutions, Signup Systems goes many steps further in support of your event sales. Our Event Calendar system allows you to display your upcoming events on any page hosted by our solution and take attendee registrations from a click of a button for individuals and groups. Our event management shopping cart solution allows you to sell complex offers online including seats to multiple different courses simultaneously and even allows customers to retain course credits if allowed by your organization so you can sell into events you haven't yet booked. And once your attendees have booked seats to your upcoming events, we provide special attendee registration pages where they can perform additional actions you might want such as issuing or reissuing your event specific information email so they can arrive at your events on time and well prepared.

Finally, each installation of our software allows you to host an unlimited number of web sites so you can create micro-sites dedicated to individual event types using different currencies and different domain names. If you are an event planner with many customers, you could host dedicated micro-sites for each of your customers selling only their products on those sites and displaying event calendars showing only their upcoming events. And because all your micro-sites will populate your single database, all your different customer's event sales, event calendaring and attendee registration handling can be managed by your staff simultaneously to ensure the most efficient possible administration of your customer's business.