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If you really want to GROW your Speaking, Training or Seminar Business, you don't just need software—YOU NEED SYSTEMS!

Even if your event management company is dynamite on stage, you may still find yourself struggling to be profitable because running your speaking, training or seminar business is taking too much time and costing too much money. There are countless potential customers out there waiting for you, but without industry tested, efficient and scalable event management software solutions to administer your business, you simply will not expand to meet your potential.

And while most businesses tend to "reinvent the wheel," the simple fact that you are on our website suggests you're open to learning from the experience of other successful seminar businesses so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

Signup Systems was originally built for one of the fastest growing and largest personal development, seminar companies in the world and has been used to track and manage hundreds of thousands of attendees over innumerable events.

Our web-based event management software systems were specifically designed to manage most aspects of a seminar and live event business. We have software systems for everything from online attendee registration and event registration autoresponders, to scheduled payment processing and attendee revenue tracking.

To determine if Signup Systems is a good fit for you, we suggest you take a look at the "Are We Right For Your Speaking, Training or Seminar Business?" questions below. These questions will help you quickly ascertain how our systems can be leveraged to empower your business.

I can't believe I ever tried to run my workshop and seminar business without your software!

Are We Right For Your Speaking, Training or Seminar Business?

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  1. Do you represent a speaking and training business that conducts seminars, courses or workshops?
  2. Do you often use low cost introductory events in order to attract customers to sell your other higher priced courses (your "back end")?
  3. Do you have fewer than 10 full-time staff administering your company?
  4. Do you use the Internet for marketing but generate most of your sales at your live events?
  5. Does your company enhance people's lives with self-improvement, spiritual teachings or other types of personal development events?

If you answered "yes" to three or more of these questions, then there is a very good chance that Signup Systems will be suitable for your needs and we invite you to review the next section about the systems we've created that you can use to automate and manage your business.

Our Event Management Software Systems

Increased sales from event marketing.


Virtually every event management system we've created is designed to either help you increase your sales, or reduce your administrative costs. In many cases, our systems will do both. For instance, the Automated Event Email "Drip" System can be used to send a sequence of emails to your attendees automatically based on a schedule you create weeks, months or even years in advance. Using special "email merge tags," the specific event details such as date, location, venue and webmap, can all be dynamically inserted into emails which are otherwise generic but appropriate for the event type. When used effectively, this system will guarantee lower no-show rates, better informed attendees, increased customer retention and reduced customer support calls.

More people in your rooms will increase your sales .
Fewer support calls will decrease your administrative costs .

Decreased costs from event management administrative systems.


Before You Proceed

If your organization is in its early stages with small numbers of staff and you feel that our array of systems might exceed your present needs, please download and read our free report to discover how valuable Signup Systems will be by understanding the potential costs of starting out without software you can grow into. And since all the systems below are available by default with every Signup Systems installation, you do not need to use all of them at the beginning in order to experience all of the benefits, which far exceed the costs.

Please note: Signup Systems software is accessed entirely using a web-browser so you can manage your business at any time, from anywhere in the world. Learn more about the benefits of a Signup Systems Installation.

Providing Value Far Exceeding the Costs

We invite you to first look into what Signup Systems includes before reviewing the costs. Once you understand the scope of our event management applications, we're sure you'll realize that our entry-level lease option provides considerably more value than the cost of using our software. To understand why we would offer so much value at so little cost you'll need to appreciate that our long-term strategy depends on your business being very successful.

Our entry level lease structure has two parts:

  1. A one time initial lease and setup fee which covers our system installation, introductory training and initial support.
  2. Monthly usage fees based primarily on the number of attendees you register to attend your events.*

We've intentionally set our initial lease fee low because while our software is suitable for multi-million dollar event management companies, we hope to be the solution of choice for training and seminar companies in the startup and early stages of their business development cycle. Trying to adapt to any new software when your business is booming can be extremely costly and time consuming. However, if you're already using our software when your business begins to take off, you'll be able to concentrate on your core business rather than losing energy trying to cope with your growth.

If you do represent an already well-established event and seminar business, than we hope leasing from us is going to be one of the easiest choices you'll ever make. And if you're a smaller speaking, training or seminar company just beginning to recognize the importance of specialized event management software to run your business, we're sure that leasing from us is going to be one of the best investments you'll ever make.

Our Philosophy

Put simply, if your business doesn't grow, neither will ours. With our lease fee principally just covering our costs, we rely on your business volumes being sufficient to provide both your company and our own sufficient profit for our relationship to be mutually beneficial. To that end, we're invested in your long-term success: not only for our mutual benefit, but also through your growth you can offer your services to an ever-widening circle of customers.

Our philosophy presumes that rewarding long-term relationships are only possible if all parties in the transaction benefit. We believe in a Win-Win-Win business model:

  • You Win - you only pay for what you use that directly leads to your profit
  • We Win - we are paid when our software serves your profitability
  • Your Customers Win - your customers are rewarded with lower prices because your costs of administering to your business are minimized

Next Steps

If you've completed your initial investigation of Signup Systems and are interested in a free live demonstration of our event management software solutions or would like to speak to a representative directly, please complete the contact form below or contact us by phone.

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*A minimum usage fee applies which covers hosting costs and is subtracted from your usage fees when you exceed the monthly minimum. See the pricing details section for a full explanation of what constitutes "usage fees."