Signup Systems Installation Details

Whether your Lease Option includes full hosting on our servers or installation on your own servers, every Signup Systems deployment comes with a minimum of two websites, one public website where you can sell your events on the Internet to your customers, and another private admin website where you can run your business.

Every Signup Systems Installation comes with:

  1. An Admin website to manage your business which is accessible only to your company's staff.
    • access your admin site at "" or at any hostname you want, i.e. ""
    • create an unlimited number of user accounts for your staff
    • use security "Roles" to restricted staff to perform certain functions
    • access your administrative site using the Firefox web browser (free to download) from any Internet connection anywhere in the world
    • control the colors and visual look of your admin site Screen Grabs "screen screen
    • learn more about our admin systems
  2. One or more Public websites to host any of your company's domains or just to host those Signup Systems public features you want to use.
    • use "" to host your company's website, or use "" just for our public website features
    • display dynamic event calendars driven by your Signup Systems database
    • capture leads and send auto responders using signup forms
    • sell your events on the Internet using Signup Systems shopping cart solution
    • use page templates, HTML and CSS to efficiently control your website or duplicate your current website's look when using signup systems public features
    • install third party applications as needed such as blogging software like WordPress
    • learn more about our public website systems

Technical Specifications

You don't need to have any technical expertise to begin using Signup Systems. We will perform all technical work needed to get you operational.

Your deployment includes a dedicated virtual server when we perform the hosting or can be deployed on up to two dedicated physical servers when installed on your own computers. In either case, we'll perform the installation and setup as part of the lease fees and deliver to you a fully functional, turnkey solution in as few as two business days.

Signup Systems software is written using several different programming languages and is installed on top of open source technologies including the Linux operating system, a Postgres database server, a Zope application server, and an Apache web server. The benefits of open source technologies are enormous in terms of scalability, stability, and costs. For instance, there are no hidden costs to you for operating system or database software licensing fees.

Each Signup Systems installation uses two physical or virtual servers rather than just one:

  1. one server is a dedicated application web server which hosts your Admin and Public websites
  2. the second server hosts your database and the actual system files used by your application server

There are both security and practical benefits for using two separate servers for your applications and for your database, but here are just a few of the most compelling reasons:

  1. only the application server is visible to web traffic ensuring that your database is more secure
  2. this architecture allows us to add additional "load balanced" application servers very quickly into your installation as your business volumes grow, and with minimal cost, which would not be possible if everything was installed entirely on a single server
  3. if your database server needs to be upgraded, this can be performed quickly and easily without changing any of your application servers

For a more detailed discussion of the technical specifications of a Signup Systems installation please contact us.