Increase Sales & Decrease Costs With Our Event Management Software Systems

Event Management Software Systems

Our event management software systems provide an incredible array of features designed to help you manage virtually every aspect of your training, speaking or seminar business. Click the headings below to view many of our systems.

Increased sales from event marketing.


Virtually every event management system we've created is designed to either help you increase your sales, or reduce your administrative costs. In many cases, our systems will do both. For instance, the Automated Event Email "Drip" System can be used to send a sequence of emails to your attendees automatically based on a schedule you create weeks, months or even years in advance. Using special "email merge tags," the specific event details such as date, location, venue and webmap, can all be dynamically inserted into emails which are otherwise generic but appropriate for the event type. When used effectively, this system will guarantee lower no-show rates, better informed attendees, increased customer retention and reduced customer support calls.

More people in your rooms will increase your sales .
Fewer support calls will decrease your administrative costs .

Decreased costs from event management administrative systems.


Before You Proceed

If your organization is in its early stages with small numbers of staff and you feel that our array of systems might exceed your present needs, please download and read our free report to discover how valuable Signup Systems will be by understanding the potential costs of starting out without software you can grow into. And since all the systems below are available by default with every Signup Systems installation, you do not need to use all of them at the beginning in order to experience all of the benefits, which far exceed the costs.

Please note: Signup Systems software is accessed entirely using a web-browser so you can manage your business at any time, from anywhere in the world. Learn more about the benefits of a Signup Systems Installation.