Services to Maximize the Benefits of your Installation

As a customer of Signup Systems, we can provide you with all the services you might need to experience the full benefits of our software systems. We provide unlimited technical support with all our lease options and routinely offer free trainings to help you get the most value through the efficient use of our applications. Since your own growth and success directly impacts ours, we offer our services with a commitment that expands well beyond our competitive pricing, timely delivery, and contract obligations.


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Free Technical Support

A great deal of documentation exists online at the click of a button from many of the pages throughout our administrative applications. Contextual help is available showing you not only how to use the systems, but offering suggestions for the best practices we've discovered working with our existing customers.

However, if you need to contact us at any time during our regular business hours, a representative will happily help you, unless they are physically going to go to the customer, in person doesn't apply or you can email us 24/7 for technical support and a representative will get back to you in a timely manner. We can deliver support live using your own installation, or if you'd prefer, we have a demo environment available with fictional data that can be used to support your needs in real-time.


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Data Migration & Planning

Migrating your data into our system from an existing so all your information is in a single place is likely to be one of the first services we'll be able to offer. We have applications, which can perform data imports of your contact information, past event records including graduated attendees, and even your call logs or other text based records. Chances are, your business is already in full motion and the complexities of switching systems may seem daunting to you, but we can help simplify this process and provide you with a plan, schedule, and even perform the data-migration on your behalf. We have extensive experience migrating customers with fewer than 1000 contacts to migrating companies needing to import tens of thousands of contacts from multiple data sources.

In addition to data migration, your business likely has many live orders for customers scheduled to take courses in the future. Let us help you migrate these live orders during your period of adaptation to ensure the smoothest possible transition to Signup Systems. We specialize in helping our customers hit the ground running!


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Ongoing Training

While most of our systems have simple interfaces and are very easy to use, getting the most efficient use out of your administrative team may be an issue of training. Chances are your choice to use our solution is based at least partially on your dissatisfaction with your current systems. Why not take advantage of our training, which provides not only technical understanding of how to use our software, but also includes systems-based training built on our extensive experience with event management company needs like your own.

If we don't already have a system perfectly suited to your needs, chances are, we can help you figure out the best way to use our software to meet your unique circumstances and ensure your administrators are properly trained so you get the most work done for the least expenditure. .

We provide a number of options for training from short phone sessions, in person meetings, to ongoing training for a large organization. Whether you're in the early startup stages of development or are a well-established company operating for many years, we can provide training that will meet your needs.

We also have a fully functional demonstration installation whose data is restored each night so you can train your own people using our demo system without contaminating your own database. Finally, if your organization requires a private development environment to perfectly mirror your live installation for training purposes, as well as to function as a live daily backup of your data, please contact us to consider the benefits of a true development/production solution.


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Public Website Development

Each Signup Systems Installation comes with both a private administrative website and a public website. You can use either to host your company's existing public website, or for only those public website features you wish to use, such as our private course graduate pages, signup forms, event calendars, or shopping cart system. Some web development skills are required to implement these public features, and if you already have a Webmaster we're confident you'll be able to use these tools quickly. Some public website features, such as the signup form system, only require moving a folder from one place to another, and they work instantly.

However, if your needs are more advanced or you do not presently have a Webmaster under contract, we provide full public website development services from design to implementation. Because we are so familiar with implementing our solutions, we perform our work very efficiently helping you "go live" quickly and cost effectively.


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Custom Programming

Each of our customers run their business in a similar way using our software, but each customer also has unique processes, procedures, and needs. If your organization requires features to be added to your installation to satisfy your unique requirements, contact us for a free software development consultation.

While your needs may be unique, we do provide pricing discounts on our standard rates when developing applications which are suitable for permanent inclusion in the Signup Systems applications. In this way, your organization gets a development discount and all our other customers get the new programming for free. In this same way, your organization will also benefit from the custom programming performed on behalf of other installations.

However, if you require custom development which cannot be rolled out to other installations, or you simply prefer to protect your unique process for your own organization, we can build a private custom solution* for you at our standard rates.


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Data Entry & Administrative Support

It probably won't surprise you to discover that we know how to use our own software systems better than anyone. Combine this fact with the benefits of outsourcing routine administrative procedures and you will understand why hiring Signup Systems to function as your virtual office can be a long term strategy for growing your business without taking on many of the hassles and costs associated with running an office.

If you're interested in considering a possible arrangement using Signup Systems to help perform post-event data entry, provide call center services, or support any of your administrative needs, please contact us to consider a short or long term arrangement.



*Depending on the degree of customization it may be necessary to separate your installation from our software versioning management so that your changes do not get rolled back into our other installations. If this occurs, you will no longer be able to get the free enhancement routinely performed by Signup Systems, or the custom programming systems paid for by other clients that are suitable for permanent inclusion in our package.