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Earn an Ongoing Stream of Income by Referring Event Companies to Signup Systems

Would you like to earn an ongoing stream of income paid monthly from revenue generated by your referrals? If so, we would like to invite you to join our Affiliate Program.

There are no obligations on your part and you can join for free in a matter of minutes. Our referral fees are remarkably generous and you could literally earn as much as $10,000 for a single reference.

This program couldn't be easier to participate in, and only requires that you first sign up and then use word-of-mouth or a unique referral link to send us potential customers in a manner that allows us to trace them back to you.

If anyone you send us becomes a customer, we will pay you 20% of all revenue we generate from our Initial Lease Fee plus 20% of their ongoing Monthly Usage Fees for two years after the initial contract!

Our entry-level lease agreement could earn you as much as $2,000 plus an ongoing stream of income based on your referral's monthly usage. The monthly usage fees will fluctuate but are generally based on the number of attendees they sign up using our system.

These monthly fees may start out as small monthly installments, but if your referrals offer their customers great trainings, our software will allow them to grow efficiently while only paying for what they use. And because you brought us all together, everyone will profit!

We have mid-range pricing which could earn you as much as $800/month from a single customer. Our highest-level lease provides our customers perpetual use of our software as a dedicated installation, which runs around $50K, so your 20% of that could earn you a full $10,000 as a single payment referral fee!

We look forward to paying these commissions to you because we firmly believe that helping others create abundance is the surest way of generating success and prosperity for ourselves.

Affiliate Program Commission Structure

Below is a breakdown and estimate of our three main lease structures and the commissions you can earn by referring someone who becomes a Signup Systems' customer. As you can see, if you refer even a single customer to us you could earn a considerable passive income stream; however if you have many contacts in the event management industry the upside is tremendous.

In fact, even if your contacts are not directly with event management companies but you can refer Affiliates who then go on to refer customers to us, you can also earn a Second Tier Affiliate commission. The commission schedule below shows the percentages for each tier. The First Tier Affiliate is someone who directly refers a company that purchases a lease from us. The Second Tier Affiliate is the person or company that referred the First Tier Affiliate.

Our lease options are designed to allow customers to begin using our software even during the startup stage of business, providing them with upgrade paths as their business grows so they can find ways of reducing their own costs even as they become more profitable. In this way we support a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with them and you will profit as they graduate through each stage.

Commissions are paid upon receipt of payment from our customers; checks are then mailed to our referral partners on a monthly basis.

Your Referral's Lease Commission Structure

Entry Level Lease

Fee Type First Tier Affiliate 1st Tier Commission Second Tier Affiliate 2nd Tier Commission

Initial Lease Fee

fee x 20%

up to $1,600.00*

fee x 5%

up to $400.00

Monthly Usage Fees

(Fee - Monthly Minium) x 20%**

up to $1000/month*

(Fee - Monthly Minium) x 5%*

up to $250/month

Unlimited Usage Monthly Lease

Monthly Usage Fees

Flat Monthly Usage Rate x 20%

up to $800/month*

Flat Monthly Usage Rate x 5%

up to $200/month

Unlimited Perpetual Lease

Initial Lease Fee

fee x 20%

up to $10,000.00!!*

fee x 5%

up to $2,500.00!

To learn more about our Initial Lease and Monthly Usage Fees see our prices page.

How We Track Your Referrals to Ensure You Get Credit

When you sign up to our Affiliate Program your contact information will be entered into our database. If you have someone contact us by phone or email, simply ensure they mention you or your company name and we'll create a permanent reference link between them and you in our system.

If you send email to people in your network or place links in your website leading back to ours, tracking your referrals is very easy and automatic. When you join the Affiliate Program, you will choose a special, unique, referral phrase (or word) which will be part of a web link we'll provide you. Simply send that link by email or have your Webmaster place that link in your website and use it to link back to our site. When anyone clicks on that link we'll plant a "cookie" when they arrive on our website which will stay with their web browser for 90 days.

If they then sign up using any of the forms on our website, your contact record in our system will be linked permanently to theirs. Then if they later purchase a lease from us at any time, you will be credited as the First Tier Affiliate and will receive commissions based on the examples above. If they call or email us from the contact us page, your reference number is displayed prominently for them when we request it.

For instance, you were not referred to our site from a link on the web from an email because an Affiliate Program reference number has not been stored in your web browser's cookies. If you were referred by a link, you would not be reading this paragraph; you would be reading one that actually shows the reference number.

If you're curious to see this tracking in action, sign up using the form above then return to this page afterward and look at the paragraph above. We will have captured the information of the person who referred you (if any) during the sign up process and will then store your own referral cookie on this computer when you log in so that if anyone is on your computer in the future and signs up, you'll get credit for referring them. Naturally, we assume if someone signs up on the computer of one of our Affiliate Program Members, they have been referred by them.

Offer Part or All of Your Commission as a Kickback

As an Affiliate Program member you can use part or all of your commissions as a kickback to your referrals. That company/organization can't employ you directly, otherwise our customers would only need to become Affiliate Program members themselves and then "refer" their own businesses. But if you are a private individual or organization serving other companies in the event management field, you could eliminate or discount your 20% commission as a kickback to customers you are already in a profitable relationship with, for professional good-will measures..

It's common for a commissioned sales person to reduce their own "end" in order to provide additional incentive for prospective clients to make a purchasing decision, and we happily offer that power to you. For instance, if you already provide consulting to a potential client and refer them to us, you might offer to eliminate your share of the Initial Lease Agreement commission knowing that the monthly commission you could earn will far out weigh the short-term benefits in the long run. If our customers' costs are reduced while the relationship continues to be profitable for all parties, we are only too happy to facilitate the arrangement.

Sign up in Minutes and Benefit for Years

The simple fact is those customers who decide to use our software will more than likely continue using Signup Systems for the life of their business. We provide small and medium sized businesses with most of the systems they will need to grow their business with impunity for years. And large businesses who choose to use us will certainly perform their due diligence sufficiently to know that we're a solution they can plan a long future with, which means that a single referral from you could pay dividends for many years requiring nothing more of you beyond making the initial introduction.

If you're interested in playing your part as the essential link between Signup Systems and the customers we know are out there looking for the solution we provide, we would be truly delighted to pay you for years to come.

Please sign up now by entering your email in the form below or contact us if you have any questions.


Sign Up Takes Only Minutes

Signup is free, without obligation, and takes only minutes. Start by entering your email address in the form below.

New Users, please provide your email to proceed:

Existing Users, please log in below:






*We indicate the commission payouts are "up to" a certain amount because we reserve the right to offer special discounts or special offers at our discretion to customers as part of our marketing and promotions. When these discounts or promotions are offered, commission percentages are still paid out based on the schedule above; however, the amount of the Initial Lease and Monthly Usage fees may vary depending on the promotion. Finally, the Entry Level Lease, Monthly Lease fees may be zero if a company's usage is null for the month, or they could exceed $1000 in a given month if a customer has a banner month.

**We charge a minimum monthly usage fee to cover hosting costs on months when customer usage is very small. Event companies are often seasonal and this monthly fee allows us to host our customers' installations during these slow periods at/or near break-even and do not pay commission on this monthly minimum, which is why it is subtracted from the usage fees before they are paid. This provides customers with the lowest cost solution during quiet periods while providing Signup Systems and our Affiliate Program members rewards only when our customers are profiting from the use of our systems. Review
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