Course Graduates Public Home Page

Welcome to the public "front door" of what could be the Graaduates only section of your website. Making graduate sites for your clients is very easy. You simply duplicate the folder called, /course_name/ in this /grads/ folder, rename it appropriately, and change a single script to return the SKU ID to the ID of your course and you're ready to create private, graduates only content pages.

We suggest that you create links on this page to all of your grad programs, but tell people that before they click on a link to log into their gradutate page, they might first need to create a Username & Password if they have not already done so. The form at the bottom of this page has been created for this purpose and returns your customers to this page after they've built their User Account.

Please note that the link above to the "course_name" folder will likely refuse you access until you change the "" script to return the ID of a program that you, the administrator, are a graduate of. You may need help from your webmaster to accomplish this.

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